What is the meaning of life? Are birds real? How much does personal training cost? You can find it all here.

Do you train cardio?

We advise to train cardio at home in a way that will actually build cardiovascular capacity. Random HIIT lessons, or a "finisher" at the end of a workout will not do anything except fulfill an expectation the fitness industry has created. We sponsor the best youth triathlete in the Netherlands and Lukas offers online coaching if you're in the 5% who wants to become an endurance athlete, or just want to optimise your cardio for other sports.

Will I get too muscular if I do strength training?

No! Any fit person you've seen does strength training. It's for everyone. Steroids, social media, and the film industry have completely warped perceptions. Don't worry. If all conditions are right and you do an optimized program, you'd end up replacing fat with muscle. Women will not become bulky from strength training naturally.

Can I keep training in group lessons after 12 weeks?
What makes Horizon training unique?

We teach you everything you need to know to train independently within 12 weeks if you train twice a week with us. Combining training, sleep, and nutrition in a whole package that responds to life-stressors is our way of reversing the 90-10 failure to success ratio of the fitness industry. We've developed an algorithm to personalize group trainings.