New Horizons Program & trainings options .

After our intake process we put together a new dot on the Horizon with a personalized plan for your training, nutrition, and recovery.

The New Horizons Program

Create a routine that you really want to keep. We tailor make your program based on the following elements:

The New Horizons program is from 12 weeks

Then you've become a member with benefits. why you ask?

1. It helps us to help you better . Seriously, it's much better for your result.

2. The average successrate of a training goal is around 10%. 90% of the people who lose weight gains it back within 2 years. We turn this trend around for our members. Even if you just want to get stronger and you know the basics. We need a minumum of 12 weeks to cut through the nonsense of the fitness industry for you.

3. We want to give you the keys to the kingdom of training for life. That requires a bit of timie to share the knowledge and make it fit in a way that fits your life.

4. You need 12 weeks to learn enough to become independent and competent, discovering how training fits into your life. become independent and competent , discovering how training fits into your life.

How your Horizon Lifestyle works .

We make a plan that works for you and give tailored advice in training, nutrition and recovery.


Training and coaching options .

All our training options in a row.

Personal Training

Train under the guidance of a trainer that suits you. All our trainers are athletes who make the translation to your needs. We train you to become an independent trainee within 12 weeks with ideal progression for your lifestyle. Outside the New Horizons Program, our PT training courses carry a 20% surcharge.

By Request

Personal Group Training

An innovative approach to small group training where we combine the strengths of personal training. We have Intro, Technique and Personal Group Training classes.


Online Coaching

Tailor-made training schedules, nutritional advice, and potentially sleep coaching. You can contact your trainer 24/7, and a coaching call once a week. Upload all form videos of your own workouts and optimize your training life for ideal results. Recipes, meal prep guidance, recovery advice all inclusive.

Nutrition, Sleep, or Training Consult

Schedule an hour consultation with a coach purely for nutrition, tailor-made training schedule, or sleep coaching. We prepare a plan based on an intake. We help you to achieve results in a way that you can enjoy life more, not less. 🙂


Strong for Two

Pre and post natal personal training by a certified Pre-Post PT. Ideal for preparing for and after birth. More info in Our Services.

Personal Training Testimonials

Ultra Packages .

Uit passie voor sport, voor echt die next level. Voor atleten, of om atleet te worden binnen 1 jaar.


Horizon Lifestyle is a registered powerlifting association. Every year we are at the National Powerlifting Championship with our athletes. If you're serious about powerlifting, powerbuilding, or natural bodybuilding, this is the place.

Contact us for training options and train with other athletes. Competition gear available.

Contact us for more information.

Elite Online Coaching

The best youth ironman in the Netherlands draws up your cardio schedule, the man with the strongest deadlift in the Netherlands oversees your SBD programming, and Horizon's master trainer is your personal coach. What else do you want? The best all-round evidence-based fitness package in the Netherlands. Become a competitive National athlete within 2 years.

By Request

Next Level Online Cardio

We don't discuss it in our standard training courses. But if you want to enjoy more and get results from your cardio training, this is the place. Train intelligently for a marathon under the supervision of Europe's top youth Iron Man Lukas Voets.

Ironman winner Finland

€300, - p/m

High Fashion Model Coaching

We train high fashion models to stay in shape in a sustainable way and to train without muscle building. For the runway and endurance you need to enjoy the athlete life of a model.

By Request

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